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Facilities for interactive data discovery. This is a really spatial idea, so it's expressed best visually, that is with a picture or a video.


The data in OLAP is multidimensional, then the storage here is a multidimensional database.

MDX Query Language

It looks similar to SQL, but designed for querying multi axes (up to 128?).
Query language contains semantics of data transformations, and visualizations, That is why I believe this is a key to understanding the domain of OLAP. Here is an article in Russian. At least, one can use it to make a glossary (a list of translations between Russian and English terms).


Result of the query may be rendered as a table or as a chart. Query specifies not only the data to render, but also a style of the representation.

Pivot tables are a technique in data processing. They enable a person to arrange and rearrange (or "pivot") statistics in order to draw attention to useful information.


Wikipedia redirects from pivot-chart to pivot-table :) So let's just treat them as two ways for visualizing result of a query.

Where to Start

Local Context and Requirements

  • Storage: Mondrian OLAP / EPL2.0 / @see epl+gpl
  • data -(mdx)-> data -()-> view
  • view: pivot-chart | pivot-table
  • the view is interactive: one can change query by interacting with the view: for example, drag'n'drop table columns
  • view is styled according to the query
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